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From the early age of nineteen years old, Stephen Mirabal

began his barber career. Under the direction of his father, Henry Mirabal, owner and operator of City Barber Shop, he gained the tools of trade. He learned about the importance of personal relationships with customers, one thing his Dad was remembered for. In addition, Stephen learned the old-school style of haircuts from his Dad, notably his clipper-over-comb and precision scissor cuts, a style of haircutting that was used in the 1950s and still being used at City Barber Shop today.

After the passing of Henry Mirabal’s in 1998, Stephen took over his legacy and began to run the barbershop on his own. Stephen worked alone in the shop for two years until he started mentoring other barbers with the same old-school style haircuts that his dad once taught him. Over the years, Stephen has trained many successful barbers in the Las Cruces area. With the ownership of his Dad’s shop, he remodeled the shop in 2004.  He transformed the three-chair shop into a thriving seven-chair business.

Through Stephen’s leadership and hard work and 32 years of experience, he has continued to build a successful barber shop. Stephen is known to his customers for his exceptionable personable skills, a trait that was taught to him by his father, Henry. He never forgets a customer’s haircut. Today, Stephen Mirabal continues to run the barbershop, as he has for over thirty years, with his quick wit and smile on his face, just like his dad, Henry Mirabal.



Deisi Nelson is originally from Grants, New Mexico. She graduated from Grants High School. After high school she attended the Albuquerque Job Corps Center and completed the business office administration program.  Deisi graduated Olympian Academy in 2016 as a Cosmetologist.  

She’s been in the industry ever since.


Deisi is very passionate about what she does at City Barber Shop. Deisi has found great interest in men’s haircuts and has acquired skills with the fading process

Deisi has received much help and guidance at City Barber Shop.  She feels like she is part of a team and feels like she belongs.  Deisi states “It is a great feeling.”  Deisi is grateful for working side by side with such great, talented barbers.

Deisi’s motto is:

“Never compare your work to others, simply because.

Just like flowers, it takes time to grow.”



Zachary Mirabal began working at City Barber Shop in 2004.  He grew up in the small town of Tortugas where he is still actively involved in the community as a member of the Tortugas Pueblo and a member of the Dansante’s.

Zack is a third-generation barber, with his love of the trade started at a young age. When he was younger, he often found himself sweeping the shop on the weekends. 

He graduated from Las Cruces High school, and soon after enrolled in Barber College at

El Pipo’s in El Paso, Texas.

"I really learned how to become the barber I knew I wanted to be. I am passionate about my trade and I especially enjoy cutting kids hair because I understand that they are the future of the barber shop."



Nedra, a licensed barber with 30 years experience, comes from a family of accomplished barbers.  Her father Henry was a renowned barber in Las Cruces, and her younger brother Stephen is now owner and operator of the City Barber shop.


The family barber shop was where Nedra learned the fundamentals and developed her love for the profession, first as an apprentice for her father, then later as a student at El Paso Barber College in Texas, where she supplemented her blossoming barber skills with formal training in the business. 

Nedra moved to the Los Angeles area decades ago, married, raised children, and practiced the barber profession for over 30 years with success.  Recently, she moved back and now works under her brother at City Barber Shop.

Her style is a mix of old fashion technique, thriving on classic traditional cuts. Her exceptional clipper work adds clean detail, making for a refined, precise, neat cut that will make you satisfied with the way you look.


Nedra’s clientele ranges from baby, boys, grade schoolboys, high school young men, to business men, fathers, retired men, all the way to grandpas. She also makes her female clients look and feel great with haircut styling and coloring.  Nedra also specializes in military cuts and fades, having worked as a barber on a Navy base for years.



Lydia has lived most of her life in El Paso, Texas where the rich culture and diverse people have molded her into the person she is today.


Having worked in the hospitality industry for more than a decade, she's really enjoyed meeting new people, building lasting relationships, and learning from people's experiences.

"Although I am fairly new to this trade, I am grateful to become a member of a family oriented and supportive community here at City Barber Shop, where I will continue to hone my skills to become successful and prosper."

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