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It started with a fire...

"ONE OF THE LARGEST fires in Las Cruces history had its origin in the paradise bowling alley on main street Sunday morning.


The cause of the half a million dollar blaze, which destroyed the bowling alley, a music shop, a barber shop and the Continental Bus Depot had not been determined today." 

TORTUGAS Barber Shop

was completely destroyed in the fire. Tortugas Barber Shop was attatched to the

Tortugas Trading Post, a popular local drugstore.

Henry Mirabal,

father of Stephen and Nedra

and founder of Tortugas Barber Shop, picked up the pieces and pushed onward, finding a small space to reopen.

March 27th, 1961

ScanPro0023 copy.jpg

About a year of steady business prompted Henry to move once again, settling at 1201 North Main Street


Where it resides to this day.

ScanPro0025 copy.jpg

December 15th, 1968

ScanPro0027 1.jpg

July 27th, 1969

IMG_20200303_0001 2.jpg

Time passes,

hair is cut,

life is good.


The year is 1995


Stephen and Henry work together at the shop, and as always, make sure people leave with the perfect haircut.

Over the years, the barbershop has gained city-wide appreciation and continues to thrive. 

Maybe it’s the immense amount of Cubs memorabilia amongst the wall that brings customers in the door,

or maybe it's the genuine, personable conversations that each of the barbers bring to the customers each time they come in to get a haircut.

Group 2.JPG

The shop expanded to double the size, 

and received a total makeover.

The shop has changed a lot from that fire that happened over 60 years ago, but don't worry...

You'll always

be family.

Some things never change.

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